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The company Mlodzian GmbH has specialized since the 80ies on large-scale wood construction projects in the area Schaumburg - Hannover - OWL.

Thus, e.g. The simulator building of the army pilots in Achum, schools in the Garbsen - Hanover - Isernhagen area and the thermal bath in Horn Bad Meinberg to the Repat.

We also serve private customers in Schaumburger Land and beyond.

Our Company


KiTa Empelde

Holzrahmenbau und Fassadenarbeiten

MFG Wülfingen

Altbausanierung und Neubau eines Dachstuhls

Ilmasi School Garbsen

Roof and wall restoration of the Ilmasi school in Garbsen.

Clausewitz Kaserne Nienburg

Start of the roofing renovation at the Clausewitz barracks in Nienburg.

Mlodzian Team



A canopy offers a great possibility of shelter, as bicycles, wheelbarrows and lawnmowers may not be a continuous rain.

Roof construction - timber construction

The roof structure is the load-bearing construction of the roof and determines the roof shape (for example, saddle roof, pult roof, hipped roof / crippled forest, mansard roof).


A carport can be manufactured either in the flat roof construction or with a saddle roof.


The terrace is the most popular place in the whole garden. Here you would like to relax from the stress of everyday life, but also sit together to sit together or celebrate parties.

Old Building Renovate

The restoration of old buildings plays an increasingly important role nowadays. The life in the half-timbered house has its special appeal and the wonderful atmosphere causes more and more people from the old to become new again.

Heat Protection

Facades and gables are extremely stressed components of a building due to wind and weather. Heat protection is becoming more and more important. A new facade can be used to improve the thermal protection of old buildings and new buildings.

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Here you will find current references, as well as works from current projects.

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